Changing to a Sustainable Living Mindset

Turtle in Water Sustainable Living

I never would have guessed that my life would become a struggle for sustainable living. I didn’t grow up with the term “sustainability” in my lexicon; it was just something that I did as a kid. It wasn’t until I was called out for not recycling by my friend, that I finally realized how much …

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Kids Artwork Ideas (that will look good on your walls!)

DIY Artwork Ideas Acrylic Poured Painting

We dabbled with lots of kids artwork ideas during the lockdown and it was fun, but we felt we were only seeing the tip of the iceberg. We were creating a lot of artwork, but knew it was destined for a dusty box in the loft eventually (sorry kids, but…). Then it dawned on us …

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27 Ikea Malm Hacks for a stylish dresser

Everyone loves the Ikea Malm, right!? It’s a fantastic, simple dresser from Ikea and it is perfect for creating a stunning custom piece of furniture with some Ikea Malm hacks ideas. We’ve brought together the best Ikea Malm hacks with some incredibly creative ideas we found. There are many ways to hack the Malm dresser …

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6 Calming Japandi Ideas We Love


Japandi is a style that, if not taking the world by storm, is gently introducing itself to the interior design scene and quietly transforming rooms. We had a look at what Japandi is but here we wanted to get visual and demonstrate just what you can do to a space with this design style. If …

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What is This Japandi Thing?


Some things were just meant to go together. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Bacon and Eggs. Now it seems that after centuries of doing their own thing quietly and beautifully, Japanese and Scandinavian design have been brought together into something bigger than the sum of its parts. It’s called ‘Japandi’, a mash-up of the words …

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Recreate This Uber Cool Living Room with Ikea

Uber Cool Living Room with Ikea

In our next instalment of designer rooms with Ikea furniture we have found this incredibly cool, urban grey living room from Huizedop. There is a lot of grey going on here, which we love, but is softened with some pinks and ivory elements. The large bird of paradise plant and the dried plants and twigs …

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Home Graffiti Wall Art Ideas for an Urban Decor Look

Graffiti Bedroom Decoration On The Wall

Love it or hate it, graffiti art is certainly more popular now because of artists such as Banksy, Daim and Space Invader. They resonate with a lot of people both through their talent and their messages. While it might not appeal to everyone, it is just another form of art. Unfortunately, it largely revolves around …

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Wall Decor Ideas That Look Expensive But Aren’t


Making the most of wall space in a room is vital to create a cohesive look. All that blank space needs to be softened with something that ties it into the room. You don’t want to be sitting in a white (or whatever colour your room is) box, do you? Wall decor can come in …

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20 Ikea Kitchen Hacks that will Revolutionise Your Kitchen

Ikea make a pretty good value kitchen, but you can use some of their other products to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. All you need are some good Ikea kitchen hacks. We’ve found the best Ikea kitchen hacks available, covering things like kitchen islands, lighting, storage and decor. We’re sure you’ll find …

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How to Achieve Japandi Style with Ikea Furniture (and Hacks)

Japandi Ikea Shelves

Japandi is the newest interior design style to be gracing an ever-increasing number of Instagram feeds. It is simply the convergence of Scandi style and Japanese style. Ok, ok, there’s no simplicity in that at all, but that is the explanation of where the name comes from at least! The two interior styles have a …

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