How to Achieve Japandi Style with Ikea Furniture (and Hacks)

Japandi is the newest interior design style to be gracing an ever-increasing number of Instagram feeds.

It is simply the convergence of Scandi style and Japanese style. Ok, ok, there’s no simplicity in that at all, but that is the explanation of where the name comes from at least!

The two interior styles have a lot in common, such as minimalist looks, comfort, functionality and natural materials.

Where they are different, they actually seem to compliment each other perfectly. Scandi design often includes lighter, neutral elements and some rustic pieces. These contrast nicely with the Japanese darker elements and sleek lines.

Where does Ikea come into all of this? Well, it can actually become quite expensive getting the Japandi look right due to the emphasis on craftmanship of natural materials. While Ikea is very much mass-produced, they have an uncanny way of mass-producing that borders on faux craftmanship.

In a nutshell, you can achieve an expensive Japandi look on a budget by shopping for some of the elements at Ikea! That and adding in the odd Ikea hack to enhance some of those elements!

We’re going to have a look at some of the best ways to do this.

A Japandi Four Poster Bed

The Ikea GJORA bed (£199) is the perfect way to introduce Japandi design into your bedroom. The minimalist, sleek, natural design of the bed gives the perfect base to start your bedroom design.

This gorgeous bedroom belongs to Emilie Desjarlais of Brook & Peony.

Some other elements that they have used to create the look are white walls, neutral fabrics, carefully chosen plants and unobtrusive, yet functional, bedside cabinets. The bedside cabinets are Ikea IVAR cabinets (£45) that have been painted in a similar, neutral colour to the bedding.

We think adding the SNAJDARE wall clock (£19) would compliment the look perfectly.

Clean Lines Cane Sideboard Hack

There are many Ikea products that lend themselves beautifully to being hacked into something that fits your needs. When it comes to Japandi style, you can find several Ikea hacks that fit the bill.

This incredible Ikea BESTA cabinet (£35) hack from Fronteriors makes use of the simple cabinet frame and adds their custom-made cane doors. The doors are, however, pricey so check out this Ikea hack from Hunker for a DIY version.

You can do the same with different Ikea products such as the BILLY bookcase in this hack from House of Hawkes.

A Home Office with Japandi Style & Organisation

Let’s just take a look at the elements in this stunning Japandi home office from Brook & Peony.

It’s a very neutral scheme, lots of natural materials, subtle additions of plants to add to the calming effect. I imagine this is a very nice desk to work at.

The desk itself is the Ikea LISABO (£129) which is just sleek lines and total functionality. The stool may not be ergonomically sound for a full day of work, but for occasional use just fine.

A Simple, Elegant Shelving Unit

A shelving unit as part of a Japandi design scheme? Well, you’ve got to have some storage!

The Ikea SVALNAS shelving system is so minimal that it totally fits into the Japandi way of designing a room. It also, as demonstrated in this room by A Merry Mishap, gives the opportunity to display a well-curated collection of pieces that calm the mind.

Thinking Outside the Box with Linen

I fully admit, there is nothing Ikea in this image, but it’s the idea that matters. You could drape a lovely natural linen such as the Ikea AINA fabric (£8/metre) over any surface and dress it up with some gorgeous accessories such as the Ikea BLOMNING tea/coffee tin (£1.50) or the DRAGAN box set (£13).

To take inspiration from this scene, you could have a SMYCKA artificial eucalyptus branch (£2.50) in a FORENLIG vase (£2). Add in a trip to the beach for some interesting stones and a hardback book without it’s sleeve and you’re most of the way towards a look like this.

If you are considering a Japandi style in one, a few or all of your rooms then check out Ikea to see if they have something suitable. It could save you a lot of money!

One tip we recommend is to find a Japandi look that you like in a piece of furniture and then search for Ikea hacks with that type of furniture, material, colour in mind. Chances are someone has recreated it!

Failing that, get in touch and we can help you out!

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    • Hi Lynda, thanks for your question. These were the SVALNAS shelves from Ikea but it appears they are, sadly, no longer available. There is a company called Sklum that does a version of these, depending on your country. Otherwise, I have seen lots of these shelves new and second hand on sites like eBay. Hope this helps!

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