Designer Room on a Budget: Eclectic Living Room

The next instalment of Designer Room on a Budget sees us move into the living room. This stunningly eclectic living room from vi.flydde.storstan on Instagram.

What we love about this room is the combination of variety and harmony cleverly brought together. With so many different elements it would be easy for this room to look cluttered and mis-matched. However, the designer has made it all work.

The standout elements in the room are the Louis Weisdorf ‘Conch’ pendant light, the velvet green sectional sofa and the use of natural elements with the plants and twigs.

Let’s get stuck into recreating this room with an eye on the budget so that anyone can have a gorgeous, fun, eclectic living room like this!

Wall Colour

We’ve got lucky here, it’s just white all over! But there is a good reason for this. To allow all the other elements in the room work well together without overwhelming the space, they have kept the walls plain. That doesn’t mean they are boring, we’ll talk about artwork later!


There’s a lot going on here, but we’ll pick out three main pieces that really work well in this living room.

Firstly, that stunning green velvet sectional sofa really underpins everything in this room. The one in the room is huge, but you can get a smaller version,such as the Indus at Oak Furniture Superstore for under £1,000.

The dark wood cabinet would be a bit easier to get cheaply as dark wood is not as popular these days. Check out ebay, local auctions perhaps even Freecycle. For a DIY approach, consider this amazing Ikea apothecary hack from Ikeahackers.

Finally, the mustard pouffe gives so much to this room. The contrasting colour to the sofa is perfect and the added texture of the buttons fits in well. Get the Xena mustard button pouffe from Furniture123 for £140.


As mentioned, the stand out feature in the room is the Weisdorf pendant which would set you back over £1,500!

Source: John Lewis

To solve this, and keep the budget on track, we can think a little more flexibly. This Harmony Ribbon light from John Lewis (£68) gives the same feel as the Weisdorf at a fraction of the price.

The other main lighting in the room is the multiple ‘Arc’ style floor lamp. You can get something very similar from Wayfair (£157).


The artwork in this room matches the eclectic nature of everything else. It’s a great opportunity to select lots of different styles you like and bring them all together. The key is to keep some unity in the colours within them and the room.

Source: Etsy

We love to find digital prints that we like on places like Etsy and then get them printed the right size. This saves a ton of money.

You might want to find your own style of artwork, but we’ll run through the ones in the room. The bicycle print can be found as a digital print on Etsy for £7.

There are loads of amazing woven wall hangings on Etsy too such as this tasselled sunset one. But why not have a go yourself with the help of this tutorial from Sustain My Craft Habit?


This is a nice easy one to get cheaply. Whether you spend a lot on this rug or not very much, let’s face it, it’s going to look the same!

Source: Wayfair

We love the very simple, yet stylish black and white design of this rug. It works perfectly in the space by giving some low-key contrast to the rest of the room.

You can find almost the exact one at Wayfair (£55).

Soft Furnishings

Without the texture and variety of the soft furnishings, this room would feel very different.

Source: Ikea

A good way to start looking for cushions is to get a sample of your sofa fabric and take it with you around a few shops. You can do the same sort of thing online, just create a mood board with your sofa in the background and add images of cushions to it.

This lovely striped cushion from Ikea (£10) would go perfectly in this setting. As would this Eastlake cushion from Wayfair (£12).

You can make even more use of your trip to Ikea by grabbing some sheepskin rugs such as this grey one (£35).


Once again, there is a lot going on in this room, but the key accessories that really make a difference can be picked out fairly easily.

Source: Wayfair

We love the collection of coloured glass vases on top of the dark wood cabinet. They tie the cabinet and wall map together and bring out the colours of the room.

This gorgeous faceted green vase from Wayfair (£47) is perfect. Ikea also does some great, cheap coloured vases. You could also have a trip to a flea market, antique shop or car boot sale to try and find more.

The fantastic cheetah vase on the coffee table is a lovely bit of fun in this room.

We found this awesome zebra vase from Ella James on Not on the High Street (£49).

The other important accessories in this room are the plants. They have placed them all in front of the windows to emphasise their shape as the light creates silhouettes. They add a natural feel to the room that works well with the variety of textures and shapes going on here.

This room was always going to be a bit of a challenge with the number of elements within it. At least the wall colour was easy!

Hopefully you have all you need to recreate this eclectic room without spending too much.

If you need our help to recreate a room of your choice then get in touch. We can provide you with mood boards, shopping list with several options, design tips and DIY tips to help you get the job done.