How To Create A Zen Home Office Space

Now that many of us are working from home, we’re spending more time there than ever. You might be a full-time remote worker or you might only have a few days at home under your belt, but either way, you’re probably realizing that your home isn’t optimized for work.

One thing you can do to make it easier to work from home is to create a zen space just for getting things done. Here are our tips for creating a tranquil workspace and keeping on top of your productivity levels!


To create a zen home office, start with the easy stuff. For example, if you have papers that need organizing but don’t know where to begin, try figuring out what has been sitting on your desk for more than a week.

The answer will likely be somewhere between “a lot of stuff” and “way too much.” That’s because it’s hard to let go of things like 5-year-old tax returns or last year’s receipts when there’s always the possibility that they might come in handy one day (even though there is actually no proof that this is true).

But by recognizing these items as clutter — and therefore not important — you can free up space on your desk and get rid of them!

Next up: organize your files and documents by category (e-mails, bank statements). Organize those categories into folders within Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive so they’re accessible from multiple devices if necessary.

Take inventory of everything else on your desk: pens/pencils/highlighters? Check; stapler? Check; paper clips? Check; hand sanitizer? Check; notebook for brainstorming ideas about how to declutter better next time around (you’re welcome)? You guessed it—check!

Finally comes the fun part: decluttering! This should include all nonessential items from around the house such as magazines or books you’ve finished reading but haven’t gotten around to donating yet because you think maybe one day when there aren’t any other distractions in life besides work deadlines looming overhead every second minute hour day week month year decade, etcetera.

Create A Workspace

Next, you want to create a workspace that works for you. That means choosing a desk that is the right size for your body and a chair that’s comfortable.

If you’re working on a laptop, consider ergonomics as well—and make sure that it doesn’t get too hot!

My desk is just big enough for my laptop, mouse and keyboard (I don’t have room for an external monitor), but it’s also small enough that I can move my body around easily if I need to stretch out or stand up at any point during the day.

Likewise with my chair – it’s comfortable enough so I don’t feel like I’m doing backflips in my seat all day long but not so plushy as to cause problems later on when I have work-related aches and pains at night or when I wake up in the morning.

Add Personal Touches

One way to create a zen home office is by adding personal touches. Personal touches are things that are meaningful to you and that help you feel comfortable.

If you like quotes, use them as wall art or write them down on sticky notes and place them around the room. Or maybe you’re more into artwork than quotes? In this case, choose paintings or prints that reflect your interests and style.

Don’t forget the family – having that adorable son or daughter beaming back at you whenever you glance at their photo is worth it’s weight in gold.

Keep The Space Organized

It’s all very well having a big old declutter and creating the most amazing workspace, but if you don’t start a habit of keeping it that way then you’ll be back to square one very soon.

At the beginning and end of the day, schedule a mini-declutter to get your home office back to its prime state. It doesn’t have to take long… especially if you’re doing it every day.

Don’t Forget The Plants

You may think that plants are only for outdoor spaces, but there are plenty of ways to bring some greenery indoors. You can use them as decor, like on your desk or in a vase. You can also find ways to incorporate them into your workspace and their benefits will be obvious when you do.

Plants help you relax by absorbing harmful chemicals from the air and giving off oxygen that helps you breathe easier. They also provide a calming effect by releasing scents that reduce stress levels, which can make it easier to focus on work. And if all else fails (you’re really working through lunch), they just look good!

Consider Using Calming Colours

Avoid using too many bright colors—bright, vibrant hues can be stimulating and make it difficult to focus on work or relaxation. Instead, opt for softer tones like pale blues and greens that promote a sense of calm.

Avoid using very dark colors—especially on the walls or ceiling. The darker the room is, the more you will feel closed in, which isn’t exactly conducive to zen vibes. If you want something bolder than white cabinets but don’t want black walls (who does?), consider painting them a deep espresso brown or warm chocolate color instead!

Avoid busy patterns that distract from your work—think neutral textures like wood grain wallpaper or wallpapered picture frames instead of floral patterns with lots going on!

You can create a tranquil space to get your work done.

It’s important to declutter and make sure you have a workspace that is free from distractions. Here are some tips for creating a peaceful office space:

  • Create a calming environment with personal touches. Add sentimental items, like photos of family and friends or plants that help you relax. Don’t forget about lighting—try dimming the lights in your home office when you’re working on big projects!
  • Keep things organized by storing supplies away in proper containers so they don’t get scattered around the room (or lost altogether). Plus, this will help keep the space looking tidy, too!
  • Don’t forget about plants—they’re not just pretty additions; they help purify the air while providing additional color to brighten up any room! If using artificial flowers or plants isn’t an option for you due to allergies or other reasons, try incorporating natural materials instead (eucalyptus branches would be perfect!).

Your zen home office awaits! All it takes is a few thoughtful tweaks to your office space. You’ll be amazed how a little decluttering, personalizing, and organizing can help you feel more relaxed at work.