Designer Room on a Budget: Cosy Coastal Blue Bedroom


This is just gorgeous, isn’t it? There is nothing bad you can say about this cosy coastal blue bedroom by Lily Rose Interiors. Things we love most about this bedroom are the mismatched collection of cushions on the bed, the brooding stormy artwork on the wall and the two stand out pieces of furniture: the …

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How to Decorate a Rental Home

How to Decorate a rental home

It can be tricky when you’re home is rented and you don’t have total control over how it can be decorated. It’s also likely you don’t have a huge amount of money to spend on it. There are ways to get a really stylish look to your rental home without spending much money, nor causing …

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How to Make Your Home Look Amazing on a Budget

It’s a great pastime looking through Pinterest, Instagram and home decor magazines wishing your home looked like those perfectly polished abodes. While dreaming big is good, it can be a little frustrating when faced with reality. So how can you actually get that home of your dreams? You do not need to spend a ton …

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