Designer Room on a Budget: Cosy Coastal Blue Bedroom

This is just gorgeous, isn’t it? There is nothing bad you can say about this cosy coastal blue bedroom by Lily Rose Interiors.

Things we love most about this bedroom are the mismatched collection of cushions on the bed, the brooding stormy artwork on the wall and the two stand out pieces of furniture: the copper lampshade and mid-century bedside cabinet.

It’s an amazing look which has taken a lot of skill to put together. When you break it down it can be recreated by thinking of each individual element.

That’s exactly what we’re going to do here, but with an emphasis on a small budget!

Let’s get stuck in!

Wall Colour

The way we like to go about paint colours at The Great Hack Shack is to think “what would Farrow & Ball do?”. So the first port of call is always the F&B colour range.

You might be thinking that F&B paint is expensive, but we have a solution. Take the F&B colour into your local DIY store (B&Q, Home Depot, whatever is in your country/region) and get the colour replicated. They might not always match it perfectly, but it’s always close enough.

This one is easy because we’ve used it before in one of our own bedrooms! Farrow & Ball Ultramarine blue. We’re big fans of blue paint. The hard part is not using it everywhere!

It works beautifully for a coastal theme bedroom and ties in so well with the other colours in the room.


Always get your bedding sorted early in the design because it is a massive part of your bedroom, both functionally and visually.

Source: Dunelm

In this scheme, the bedding starts with a simple white cotton duvet set. The Easycare 100% Cotton Duvet cover from Dunelm (£26/double) is perfect.

The Chunky Pink Knit Throw is available at Wayfair (£24).

The cushions are a bit of a project, but to make it easier Dunelm have an excellent selection (from £5-20).

Bedside Table

We love a bit of mid-century furniture at The Great Hack Shack and it doesn’t need to cost the earth!

Source: Etsy

A showstopping piece of furniture is often something to consider splurging on. The original is from West Elm for £299. But we can do better than that! This gorgeous plywood version on Etsy is £145.

We love the clean lines of this bedside table and plywood is a very trendy material right now!

To get a darker look to the wood, you can happily stain, oil or varnish plywood to your desired look.


The gorgeous stormy sky artwork in the original bedroom is from Urban Road. We love their ‘Sombre Seas‘ piece, but it’s a bit pricey!

Source: Etsy

What you can do is find a similar print on somewhere like Etsy and get your own frame from Ikea. This stunning misty ocean print (£39 for A2) is far better value!

Sometimes you can find digital prints on Etsy that you can get printed somewhere like pics2posters.


Hanging pendants low over a bedside table is a wonderful way to add a bit of drama and functional lighting to a bedroom. Make them large, gorgeous copper lampshades and you’re on to a winner, especially in a blue room where the copper contrasts nicely.

Source: Dunelm

This lovely large copper pendant lampshade from Dunelm (£29) would do the job perfectly.

If you are competent you could fit a black pendant light fitting, but best to get an electrician to do it! Especially if you need to run cables over to the ceiling above the bedside tables.


Rugs are not easy to get cheaply, but they add so much to the scheme of a room, especially in a bedroom.

Source: Wayfair

This fantastic Violetta Sloan Hand Tufted rug from Wayfair (£150) will fit perfectly across the bed to add a bit of texture in the room.

If you have wood or tile floors in your bedroom, it’s nice to step out onto something soft and warmer!


The accessories they have used on the bedside tables have tied in wonderfully with the pinks and blues used in the rest of the scheme. This is where you can go quite personal with your own selections. But we’ve found some great options!

Source: Made

We like the idea of getting this set of three white vases from Made (£20) and spray painting them in whatever colours you want!

This is a great trick to do in any room to get accessories in the right colour!

Alternatively, Ikea do a great range of vases, as well as other unique accessories. Examples of ones that would work well here are the RUSKIGT rabbit sculpture (£4.50), the TONAD owl sculpture set (£10) and the GRADVIS flower vase (£8).

That was fun! I think we’ll do a lot more of these because we keep seeing gorgeous designer rooms in the glossy home magazines and wonder how we could get them on a budget.

Hopefully, you’ve seen here that you don’t need to spend a lot to get the right look in your bedroom. Especially if you want that bedroom to look like a cosy coastal blue bedroom!

Let us know in the comments what you think and if there are any room schemes you would like us to replicate on a budget!