11 Amazing Ikea Kallax Hacks

The Ikea Kallax is an iconic piece of Ikea furniture and has been used in so many different ways. With these Ikea Kallax hacks, you can take this simple product to another level.

These amazing Ikea Kallax hacks show you how versatile the Kallax is.

We hope there is something here that will inspire you to create your own awesome piece of custom furniture.

Grey and Leather Kallax Hack

We love this Ikea Kallax hack that involves painting the Kallax unit grey and adding leather effect baskets into the cubby holes.

The combination of colours is fantastic and goes really well with the rest of the room.

The little luggage labels on each basket is a lovely touch!

Striped Kallax Banquette Seat Hack

This is a great way to use the Kallax. This hack from Melodrama creates some banquette seating for a dining room with a stunning striped fabric for the upholstery.

The Kallax unit itself gives some useful storage underneath.

We like how they’ve matched the storage boxes to the stripes of the upholstery!

Wood Clad Mobile Kallax

This is a gorgeous Kallax hack from Bolig Pluss. They have used reclaimed wooden planks to clad the outside of the unit.

Putting the whole thing on castors gives it a bit of extra height and makes it a mobile piece of furniture.

Glamorous Gold and White Sideboard

What a glamorous looking sideboard! Even though it is a Kallax unit.

This Kallax hack from interior SV on Instagram uses gold fretwork panels to transform the look of the Kallax unit.

The tapered wooden legs complete the look perfectly.

Ikea Kallax Wine Rack Hack

If you’re into your wine, then this Kallax hack is perfect for you! Get some of these wine rack inserts from New Swedish Design on Etsy and you’ll have tons of wine storage.

Any Ikea hack that involves drinks is ok by us!

Mid-Century Modern Kallax Hack

This is such a simple Kallax hack from The Surznick Common Room. They have just added some tapered legs to the bottom of this Kallax unit to give it a mid-century modern look.

The accessories do the rest of the work!

The use of this Kallax hack as a record table is fantastic!

Double Height Kallax Bookcase

If you have a double-height space then you need furniture that looks right in it. It can be very expensive to do this, so why not take a leaf out of this designers book?

They have stacked three dark blue painted Kallax units to create a huge bookcase that looks perfect in this space.

I have no idea how they’ve made that stable, but good luck to them!

Wine Box Style Drawers

We love the wine box style drawers this person has added to their Kallax unit. It works really well with the black of the frame.

You can get the wine box panels on Etsy and make up the drawer boxes with cheap timber.

Cactus Decals for Kallax Drawers

We love cactus prints in our house and this cactus decal for Kallax units from Stickers Coloray on Etsy is right up our street.

There are tons of other decals you can get for the front of Kallax drawers, but why wouldn’t you get the cactus!?

Mid-Century Modern Bar

Another drink-related Kallax hack for you! This lovely mid-century modern bar from The Every Girl is gorgeous!

They have simply added some short, tapered, black and gold legs to the underside and then accessorised it perfectly!

Storage Bed Kallax Hack

If you need some extra storage in your bedroom, why not make your bed out of storage units!?

This fantastic design from Better Homes & Gardens makes use of the Kallax in various ways to create tons of extra storage in the bedroom.

There are loads of great Ikea Kallax hacks out there, we have only just touched the surface!

Hopefully, you have found something here that will inspire you to make use of that old Kallax unit you’ve been trying to get rid of!