Wall Decor Ideas That Look Expensive But Aren’t


Making the most of wall space in a room is vital to create a cohesive look. All that blank space needs to be softened with something that ties it into the room. You don’t want to be sitting in a white (or whatever colour your room is) box, do you? Wall decor can come in …

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20 Ikea Kitchen Hacks that will Revolutionise Your kitchen

Ikea make a pretty good value kitchen, but you can use some of their other products to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. All you need are some good Ikea kitchen hacks. We’ve found the best Ikea kitchen hacks available, covering things like kitchen islands, lighting, storage and decor. We’re sure you’ll find …

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35 Ikea Kallax Hacks That Help You Organise Your Home

These Ikea Kallax hacks can help you solve your storage problems at home. The Ikea Kallax shelving unit is quite a basic piece of furniture, but it can hold a lot of things. If you upgrade it with an Ikea Kallax hack you can turn it into a gorgeous storage element that helps organise your …

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How to Achieve Japandi Style with Ikea Furniture (and Hacks)

Japandi Ikea Shelves

Japandi is the newest interior design style to be gracing an ever-increasing number of Instagram feeds. It is simply the convergence of Scandi style and Japanese style. Ok, ok, there’s no simplicity in that at all, but that is the explanation of where the name comes from at least! The two interior styles have a …

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Designer Room on a Budget: Eclectic Living Room

Designer Budget Eclectic Living Room

The next instalment of Designer Room on a Budget sees us move into the living room. This stunningly eclectic living room from vi.flydde.storstan on Instagram. What we love about this room is the combination of variety and harmony cleverly brought together. With so many different elements it would be easy for this room to look …

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How to Recycle Kitchen Cabinets

We’ve recycled kitchen cabinets several times during our renovations. One kitchen was even free! There is no reason why you should have to spend thousands to get a designer kitchen. Often, recycled kitchen cabinets will do a great job. Our current kitchen is all made from scratch out of birch ply, but if you don’t …

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Designer Room on Budget: Gorgeous Green and Gold Bedroom


Our second Designer Room on a Budget instalment is this stunning bedroom with hints of green and gold from AVE Styles. The stand out feature in this room is the rattan bed and it would be easy for this to completely take over the room, but they have cleverly used some other exciting pieces too. …

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Designer Room on a Budget: Cosy Coastal Blue Bedroom


This is just gorgeous, isn’t it? There is nothing bad you can say about this cosy coastal blue bedroom by Lily Rose Interiors. Things we love most about this bedroom are the mismatched collection of cushions on the bed, the brooding stormy artwork on the wall and the two stand out pieces of furniture: the …

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11 Amazing Ikea Kallax Hacks

The Ikea Kallax is an iconic piece of Ikea furniture and has been used in so many different ways. With these Ikea Kallax hacks, you can take this simple product to another level. These amazing Ikea Kallax hacks show you how versatile the Kallax is. We hope there is something here that will inspire you …

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How to Decorate a Rental Home

How to Decorate a rental home

It can be tricky when you’re home is rented and you don’t have total control over how it can be decorated. It’s also likely you don’t have a huge amount of money to spend on it. There are ways to get a really stylish look to your rental home without spending much money, nor causing …

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